Manage your Heroku apps on the go.


“Nezumi is awesome for managing your Heroku apps on the go.”

- David Dollar, Developer Experience at Heroku
  • Cedar Support

    Nezumi fully supports the new Cedar stack. This includes everything from scaling processes to running any one-off process you want. You can also manage any app platform, including Rails, Django, and node.js.

  • Multiple Accounts

    Most users have to manage multiple Heroku accounts, so Nezumi was built around multiple account support. Add and manage as many accounts as you need.

  • Scale Immediately

    Whether your site just hit Hacker News or your background job queue has filled up, Nezumi lets you scale your processes right from your mobile device.

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    Check your logs, scale your processes, and even add collaborators. Nezumi is with you on the go so you can manage you app, no matter where you are.

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